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Tuna Powder for Pet Palatability Enhancer

  • Shipping Port : Xiamen Port,China
  • Brand : Pet Rise or OEM
  • Product Orgin : China

Tuna Powder for Pet Palatability Enhancer

Characteristics:This brown powder is full of nice and unique flavor, is covered by strong top note, and is rich in attractive substance. This product is researched and developed through a series of matching test to  significantly enhance flavor and palatability on all kind of pet food. Our product has a good fluidity, and it is food grade, natural, and safe for use.

Ingredients: Tuna, Yeast extract, etc.

Applications:Pet food (Cat food,Dog food,Treat stick,Wet food,etc)

Dosage:1-5%(1-3% is recommended to staple food, and sprayed on food would get better effect).

According to product orientation and cost, you can increase or decrease dosage properly.

Usage: Sprinkle it over food / treats or mix it with food/treats to enhance flavor.

Packing size:10kg*2PE/bag.

Shelf-life:12 months.


Kibble Size: 40 mesh (98%)
Moisture: ≤8%
Proteins:  ≥20%
Total Fat:  ≥4% 
Heavy Metal(Pb): 1.0mg/kg
As() 0.1mg/kg
Total of Bacteria: ≤10,000cfu/g
Coliforms: 0.3MPN/g 
Pathogens: Negative

KINDLY TIPS:Keep in  a cool dry place after opening to preserve flavor.

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