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Freeze Dried Banana

Freeze Dried Banana

Freeze dried banana can be the snack or baking ingredients. In 100g of banana, containing 1.2g Protein, 0.5g Fat, 19.5g carbohydrate, 0.9g Crude Fiber, 9mg...

Tags: Freeze Dried Banana Slice   Freeze Dried Banana Dice   Dried Banana Powder  

Freeze Dried Mango (slice/dice/powder)

Freeze Dried Mango (slice/dice/powder)

The nutritive ingredients Freeze dried mango : such as Sugar, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and so on, are necessary for the human body. Ma...

Tags: Freeze Dried Mango Slice   Freeze dried mango    Dried Fruit   

Freeze DrieD Strawberry(slice/dice/powder)

Freeze DrieD Strawberry(slice/dice/powder)

The production process of Freeze-dried strawberry which only has physical change, no chemical change, could keep the original “green” of food without any An...

Tags:   Dried strawberry   Dehydrated strawberry  

Canned Mushroom Agaricus

Canned Mushroom Agaricus

Canned Mushroom Agaricus was made of the most fresh agaricus, taste delicious and good for your heath.

Tags: Canned Mushroom Agaricus   chinese Canned Mushroom   canned slice Agaricus  

Sweet and Sour Freeze Dried

Sweet and Sour Freeze Dried Strawberry

Strawberry's nutrient ingredients are easy to be digested and absorbed by human body, so you won't feel uncomfortable by eating too much.

Tags: FD strawberry   FD strawberry whole   Sweet and Sour FD strawberry  

Freeze Dried Strawberry Power

Freeze Dried Strawberry Power

Specification: 40 mesh, 60 mesh Color: Red Production season: Yearly   Product Characteristic: The production&...

Tags: 40-60mesh   FD Red Power   Pure Strawberry Power  

Freeze Dried Mango Slice

Freeze Dried Mango Slice

The nutritive value of Mango fruit is very high that the content of Vitamin A reaches...

Tags: 100% natural Mango Freeze Dried Mango Slice    3-5mm/piece Freeze Dried Mango Slice    cheap bulk Freeze Dried Mango Slice   

High Nutrition Value Canned Mushroom

High Nutrition Value Canned Mushroom Slice for Instant Food

We can supply free samples with the courier fee collected. 

Tags: Canned Mushroom Slice   Canned Mushroom for fast Food    OEM Canned Mushroom Slice   

100% Pure Natural Organic High

100% Pure Natural Organic High Quality Canned Bamboo Shoot Slices for Delicious Recipe

Bamboo Shoot fresh and tender, crisp and refreshing, tasty and delicious, sweet and sour, white ...

Tags: Canned Bamboo Shoot Slices for instant food    Natural Bamboo Aroma   High Quality Canned Bamboo Shoot Slices   

Sweet and Sour Good Character

Sweet and Sour Good Character Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices

Freeze Dried Strawberry Slice, Freeze Dried Strawberry, Strawberry Slice, Strawberry, Dried Stawberry&nbs...

Tags: Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices for Snack Food   5-7mm/Slice Freeze Dried Strawberry    Dehydrated Strawberry Slice  

Fresh Canned Bamboo Shoot in

Fresh Canned Bamboo Shoot in Tin

Canned bamboo shoot is low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Protein, Protein, Riboflavin and Zinc.

Tags: Canned Bamboo Shoot    Canned Bamboo Shoot Slice    Fresh Canned Bamboo Shoot  

Healthy Freeze Dried Strawberry

Healthy Freeze Dried Strawberry

Freeze dried strawberry Fresh and natural taste Long-term storage Healthy, no preservative

Tags: Freeze Dried Strawberry Snack   Bulk Vacuum Freeze Dried Strawberry   

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