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Spray Dried Black Tea Powder

  • Shipping Port : Xiamen Port,China
  • Brand : Great Rise or OEM
  • Product Orgin : China

Spray Dried Black Tea Powder

Main Features: 

1. Keep the original color, flavor, taste of tea leaf, especially TP, caffeine, theanine, tea polysaccharide, etc. harmoniously and brightly. 

2. Using the advanced technology of instant tea making, we could make different types of instant tea according the requirements of customers. 

3. The quality of tea product is easy to be controlled according the requirements of HACCP and ISO22000.

SD Tea Powder:

  • SD Black Tea Powder 

Why Choose Us?

We select pollution-free tea leaves as raw materials from Fujian, Yunnan, Hunan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, etc. Supporting by international advanced technology of extracting tea leaf and best production equipments, we could offer you superior spray dried tea powder and freeze dried tea powder with pure taste, original flavor, bright color of tea, and no sediment.

Product Specification SD - Black Tea Powder

Inspection Items Inspection Standard Inspection result
Appearance Pale brown powder Conformity
Aroma pure and normal Conformity
Color Dark red Conformity
Liquor Colour Brown red Conformity
Flavor Mellow Conformity
Solubility Soluble in water of 60 centigrade Conformity
Moisture 6.0% Not more than 6.0%w/w 3.25% (GB/T18798.3-2008)
Tea polyphenols 25.0% Not less than 25.0% 30.54% ( GB/T 21733-2008)
Caffeine 3.5% Not less than 3.5% 4.95% ( GB/T 8312-2002 UV)
Total Plate Count 3000 cfu/g Not more than 3000 cfu/g 2.0×102cfu/g ( GB4789.2-2010)
Coliform ≤0.3MPN/g Not more than 3MPN/g Negative ( GB4789.3-2010)
Mold and Yeast 90 cfu /g Not more than90 cfu/g Negative ( GB4789.15-2010)
Packing Status Fine
The shelf life twenty-four months
Specification 80 mesh
Solubility soluble in warm water
Production Season yearly


Production Flow Chart:

Other information


                 Double-layer PE bags or aluminum foil bag in carton; 1-5Kg/ bag


 OEM&Custom design

Payment Terms

 T/T,L/C,Western Union

Sample time

In one week 

Delivery Time

In 3 weeks after the contract signed


Our distinct advantages                                                                                               

1.Raw material: Natural & Green, sound and tender are the main characteristics of matcha green tea powder.

2.Food QualityHaving advanced equipments and facilities in processing areas.

3.Food Safety: All the processing procedures strictly follw HACCP,ISO,BRC,IFS standard.

4.Lower Price: Possessing  our own production base.

5.Stable supply: Near to our raw material origin.

6.Free sample is OK.


Business Partner:

Contact us                                                                                                          

General Manager : Steven Chen

Tel: 86-592-2680673


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