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Chicken Liver Powder for Pet Palatability Enhancer

  • Shipping Port : Xiamen Port,China
  • Brand : Pet Rise or OEM
  • Product Orgin : China

Chicken Liver Powder for Pet Palatability Enhancer

Characteristics:This brown powder is full of nice and unique flavor, is covered by strong top note, and is rich in attractive substance(such as small peptides). This product is researched and developed through a series of matching test to  significantly enhance flavor and palatability on all kind of dog food. Our product has a good fluidity, and it is food grade, natural, and safe for use.

Production Process:Raw material--Cooking-Flavor optimization--Homogenizing--Spray dried--Blend--Packaging--Testing--Finished product.

Ingredients: Chicken liver, Yeast extract, etc.

Applications:Pet food (Dog food,Dog treats,etc)

Dosage:1-5%(1-3% is recommended to dog food, and sprayed on dog food would get better effect).

According to product orientation and cost, you can increase or decrease dosage properly.

Usage: Sprinkle it over food / treats or mix it with food/treats to enhance flavor.

Packing size:10kg*2/bag,(inner packing: polyethylene bag,outer packing: kraft paper bag laminated with polyethylene).

Shelf-life:12 months.

Palatability test:

The objective of the research was to measuring flavor preferences between our PetRise Flavor (Flavor for Dog Palatability Enhancer) and PCLP (Pure chicken liver powder). For palatability testing, we used 22 pet dogs via two-bowl, over a 6-day period. Usage (sprinkle over dog food), and measurement were held constant for Pet Rise and PCLP. Pet dogs in the study preferred PetRise Flavor.


Kibble Size: 60 mesh (98%)
Moisture: 10%
Proteins:  40%
Total Fat:  15% 
Heavy Metal(Pb): 1.0mg/kg
As() 0.5mg/kg
Total of Bacteria: 1.5*104cfu/g
Coliforms: 0.3MPN/g 
Pathogens: Negative

KINDLY TIPS:Keep in  a cool dry place after opening to preserve flavor.

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