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Freeze Dried Banana

Freeze Dried Banana

Freeze dried banana can be the snack or baking ingredients. In 100g of banana, containing 1.2g Protein, 0.5g Fat, 19.5g carbohydrate, 0.9g Crude Fiber, 9mg...

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Freeze Dried Mango (slice/dice/powder)

Freeze Dried Mango (slice/dice/powder)

The nutritive ingredients Freeze dried mango : such as Sugar, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and so on, are necessary for the human body. Ma...

Tags: Freeze Dried Mango Slice   Freeze dried mango    Dried Fruit   

Organic Freeze Dried Banana Powder

Organic Freeze Dried Banana Powder

Freeze Dried banana powder could be used to bake all kinds of cake and bread as raw material 

Tags: Freeze Dried Banana Powder   Health Banana Powder   Banana Powder for Food Additives  

Unsweetened  Freeze Dried Mango

Unsweetened Freeze Dried Mango Strips

Freeze dried mango with nothing added at all,delicious as a snack or mixed in with your favorite yogurt and ice cream.

Tags: FD mango strips   Dried mango strips   Freeze drying mangos  

Freeze Dried banana Powder

Freeze Dried banana Powder

Banana is quite effective for weight loss, because of its low calorie. The average banana&...

Tags: 60 mesh Freeze Dried banana Powder   100% banana Freeze Dried Powder    Chinese season fruit banana  

Freeze Dried Mango Slice

Freeze Dried Mango Slice

The nutritive value of Mango fruit is very high that the content of Vitamin A reaches...

Tags: 100% natural Mango Freeze Dried Mango Slice    3-5mm/piece Freeze Dried Mango Slice    cheap bulk Freeze Dried Mango Slice   

100% Organic Black Tea Powder

100% Organic Black Tea Powder

100% Origin, Nature Without Any Additive  How to use It is the perfect natural food colouring that is actually nutrient rich. Add the powder to your favour...

Tags: organic black tea   organic black tea powder   black tea powder  

Delicious Nutritional Freeze Dried Mango

Delicious Nutritional Freeze Dried Mango Powder for Food Additives

Mango powder is used in beverage making frequently, due to its special taste. 

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Best selling Freeze Dried Mango

Best selling Freeze Dried Mango

1oo% natural freeze dried mango Using fresh mango to vaccum freeze dried Keeping the flavor, nutrition as well as fresh Delicious and nutritious

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Cheap Canned Longan in Syrup

Cheap Canned Longan in Syrup 2014

It is our production season of canned longan, using the fresh longan as the material, with the nice taste and popular for most of people. The competitive p...

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Cheap Price Canned Sweet Corn

Cheap Price Canned Sweet Corn Bulk

Using fresh sweet corn. High temperature sterilization. Soft, sweet, natural flavor canned sweet corn. Different drained weight canned corn available. Differebt...

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Cheap Mushroom Extraction Polysaccharide

Cheap Mushroom Extraction Polysaccharide

Mushroom Extract is pruduced from the fresh mushroom.Mushroom's extract provides a variety of benefits and mushroom extract may improve immune function.

Tags: Mushroom Extraction    Mushroom Polysaccharide    Cheap Mushroom Extraction  

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